Our Team

Professor: materials scientist & electron microscopist 

Motto: To be a good mentor and enjoy research !

Lab.: 032-860-7533, E-mail: hsparkinha@inha.ac.kr

Graduate student (M3)

Research interest : Aluminum

Motto : Sucessful people do things when they don't want to.

Graduate student (M3)

Research interest : Graphitic Carbon

Motto : Where there is a will, there is a way.

Graduate student (M3)

Research interest : Ferrofluid, magnetized

Motto: 成信正一

Graduate student (M1)

Research interest : Silver nano transparent electrode

Motto : Living Coram Deo.

Undergraduate student (4th)

Research interest : Aluminum alloy

Motto : Challenges are what make life interesting.

Undergraduate student (4th)

Research interest : Ni base superalloys and their applications

Motto : Never looking back or too far in front of me, present is the gift.

Alumni, M.S.

Research interest : Ultra thin copper foil

Motto : I can do it!

Alumni, M.S. (㈜창성, 인천)

Research interest: Al alloys, Nano particles

Motto: Don't be afraid to challenge.

Alumni, M.S.

Research interest : Fabrication of metal powder by gas atomization

Motto : Let's live honestly.

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